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CEDIA ’17 (Don’t Call It a Comeback)

“I love your products and I’ve had them for years, but I didn’t know you were still around.”

We heard this a lot at CEDIA this year. We’re still here – never left, in fact. We just took a few years off from CEDIA. But we were back this year, and we brought an old friend with us: the eponymous co-founder of RGPC.

Richard has been in semi-retirement down in Louisiana, doing what an old audiophile loves to do: building, fiddling, breaking, fixing, optimizing. We were thrilled when he decided to leave his Bayou workshop for a few days and travel to San Diego with us for the show, and he helped make it a big success. It was great to connect with old friends and customers – the RGPC “true believers” – and to watch Richard convert some new believers with his demonstrations and explanations of the products that he designed, and that bear his name.

Richard enjoyed himself so much that he’s decided to tag back in and re-join RGPC as a special technical consultant. We could not be more thrilled to have him back aboard and acting as a resource for our customers. Because when you’re a customer and you have a question about one of our products, what better person to talk to then the guy who designed them?

It’s great to have you back, Richard.

We received a lot of great feedback, both positive and negative, at the show. We have been in the process of addressing many of the suggestions we heard at CEDIA for the past several months: from the launch of this new website, to streamlining our customer ordering and technical support processes.

But one thing we didn’t hear at CEDIA was any criticism of our products. Because if you’ve used our products, then you know that they deliver as advertised. And that still means something. As one CEDIA attendee who stopped by our booth succinctly put it: “the damn things just work.”

Sounds like a tag line to me.






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